Thursday, March 29, 2012

And The Plot Thickens....

*throws confetti* 
Yep. It happened. As you might remember, I've been writing a fairy tale about a Trig Troll and a collection of interesting characters that are fighting for their lives against this monster. In real life, they're the three other kids in my Trig class. Ha. This morning I awoke to find that one of my delightful Trig companions had written the next installment of the adventure!! It's very exciting. Except I almost die. Almost. ;)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have Part Four... from the mouth of Sir Gluten himself:

The Troll and the Rock
Well, Sir Gluten, Sir Constanius Copernicus, Mary Anne, and Matilda Joy were quite peeved that the ceiling had fallen in on them. In fact, you could say they were in a tizzy. Sir Constanius Copernicus, practically exploded out of his share of the rubble. 


Upon proclaiming such obscenities, Sir Copernicus fell over. The other three were quite sure he was dead. Sir Gluten risked poking him with a pipe cleaner, which seemed to bring Sir Copernicus back from the land of the dead. Once he had recovered, the four decided they had had quite enough, and plodded along merrily, to the tune of Die Viridi, a favorite band of minstrels. Suddenly, the quartet found themselves back inside the classroom of the troll! The troll laughed merrily (in a most trollish manner, as can be expected). "You foolish mortals thought you could simply escape my omnipotent clutches! Now I will unleash my true-" "Wait," interrupted Matilda Joy, "You're omnipotent?" "Why of course I am, you slobber brained pork snail otter loaf!" Retorted the troll. "If you're so powerful," challenged  Sir Gluten, "Why don't you make.........


"Pfft," pffted the ghastly fiend, "Too easy." And with his horrendous pencil, he quite easily created a working clock, complete with tangents. "Quite practical if you ask me." said Sir Copernicus. The other three stared at him with a mixture of disapproval and sheer lack of understanding. "Why not try and give me something challenging?" boasted the horrendous scary thing. "Alright!" Accepted Mary Anne, "Why not give us an inverse trigonemetric ratio for the absolute dispersion of a chemosynthetic varible solubilty compund using logarithmic proportions?"


That was just a taste. If you want to know what happens next, you can finish reading the story on Nathan's (I mean Sir Gluten's...) blog so I don't get sued for copyrights or anything. ;) Its completely hilarious.  And you should follow him too, I'm sure that would make him feel nice no matter what he says about hating things...

Are you lost? Confused? Intrigued? Read Episode I, Episode II and Episode III to catch up on all the juicy action! :D 

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