To Whom It May Concern

Hello hello,

My name is McKenzie.
That's me, right up there...

I'm 16 and I'm managing to survive my junior year with very few meltdowns. I love to write, although I prefer to write long novels, not blog posts... so this is a new thing for me. I have no specific theme for the Other Side of Sorrow, it's just what popped into my head when I picked a name. Maybe I'll write about all my experiences on the other side of my sorrows. 


That's so cheesy. :) But there, I said it. 

Ummmm, so more about me... I have a fantastical mom and dad and three awful brothers that I love to pieces, despite myself. We live in a cute, little town in the grand state of Georgia. 

Me and the Bros (I did not get the dark and tan genes...)

We go to a Baptist church that some people call Fort God, which always makes me laugh, but there you have it. I'm involved in missions and I play the keyboard for our youth band - always an adventure. :) 

I love love love love love art, SO very much. If I were stuck on a desert island I would make sure to bring endless supply of paper and pencils. My teachers would probably be horrified at how much of their lectures turn into strange doodles on my notes. But I make decent grades so maybe they don't care. Ha. 

Technically, I'm homeschooled, but I go to this place that's like a school for homeschoolers... That's where I get my quota of *ahem* socialization. :P

If I could go anywhere in the world... it would be Italy. Spaghetti is my favorite food. Which is closely followed by lasagna. 

My dream is to become a published author, get married very young and have a ridiculous amount of children that I will cart around with me as I travel the world. I would also like to be in a movie. 

I don't consider myself to be a very good Christian, I'm just stumbling through life trying to trust in God's Will for my life and be a witness to the people around me. It's rough sometimes but He's pulled me through this far, has taught me a lot and I can't wait for our happy ending together up in Heaven. :)

Yay for Jesus. :)

Yep. That's all I've got. Oh, and I love Followers!! (For the blog, I mean, I don't really appreciate stalkers, thanks...)

If you want to follow me on Twitter....... I am @Love_Kenzie_ and I love followers there too. Makes me feel cool and stuff.