Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Visual Dare 19: Mirror


 My life in the Mirror is the real one. I think. I peer at myself and everything behind me. Uncertain, I turn. I see everything except me. I feel lost. Where am I? I'm being swallowed by the water, sinking so far down, choking on my own vanity...

Turn back.

There I am. I am not drowning. I am free.

The fingers clutching the Mirror suggest I am anything but. I try not to look down, I hate to see it crawling, sneaking up my left leg. Instead I look at my feet, crouched above the water. I know it’s abnormal to stand on water, I ought to be sinking.

My eyes catch my reflection and I pause at the terror within them. One day the water won’t hold me. And I won’t have the strength to break free because I’m perfectly captured by the Mirror.

I’ve already drowned.
149 Words

Well then. That was weird, even for me. Hope you enjoy... Feedback always appreciated. :)
Much love,
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  1. I like the confused and circling emotions in this.

  2. I LIKE THIS. Such a classic case of the unreliable narrator -- is he crazy? Is he drowned? Is he dreaming? It also has a strong stream-of-consciousness feel to it. Well done!!