Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Out of the Hermit Hole

I'm poking my head up to say, hi! :)

Today I participated in a flash fiction dare, something I haven't done in months and I felt like posting it...

VISUAL DARE: The Odd Couple

Breakfast is literally stupid.
Now, dearest pussy-wussy, you promised!
Sandra set out bowls, pretending to ignore them.
You foul feathered -
No name calling!
Despite the loneliness of the island, sometimes Sandra occasionally questioned her last wish. She stepped to her porch and set a green bottle on the rail.
The genie woke up with a grotesque face.
“You could have turned my parents into the same species,” Sandra grinned.
The genie glared. “The wish was odd, the couple is odd.”
Sandra winced as a crow shriek came from the kitchen.
“I'm never marrying,” the genie groaned. 

100 Words. 

Visual Dares can be found on Wednesdays at :)

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