Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 5: A Day Later

Wait, McKenzie was supposed to post this yesterday right?

Well yeah. But sometimes life gets in the way. I had half of this written but by the time I got home from the restaurant there were no coherent braincells left in my brain. :)

Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys about my very newest WIP. I started it over JuNoWrimo (Which I sort of halfway did...) and I've been working steadily on it for awhile now. A few weeks ago, my writing group decided to write a synopsis of our WIP in 300 words or less. This is hard.

I wrote one but I didn't like and later I realized I just didn't have enough story to go with it. This one is better, if still on the rough side.

My tentative title is, "The Duchess."

Some inspirations from pinterest.
Want to see more?

The Duchess:

The Pandora, a small airship, is desperate for passengers but a short flight from New Brunswick to New York and an unsolved murder on board ruin their reputation. Grounded, without any profitable cargo, Captain Amos Blackwood has no choice but to take the money of a mysterious Duchess. She and her ward, Samuel, need passage across the Atlantic, an arduous three week journey. Soon panic fills the crew as another murder takes place. They are trapped above the ocean where strange things are also happening. Unfamiliar sea creatures with glowing scales and sharp fins seem to be folling the Pandora. The Duchess seems to have more answers than most but when someone else is killed, she and Samuel take it upon themselves to find the murderer and ensure everyone reaches England safely.

It feels really gross... so y'all let me know what you think. Thanks. :)

Love, Kenzie

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