Tuesday, June 5, 2012

JuNoWriMo: Day 5

Juno is killing me.

I will be dead quite shortly and then the ghost of McKenzie will come back to haunt this blog and write a couple eerie blog posts a month.

No, really ya'll. I have a beautiful 2800 words to my name, a nice storyboard, I've done some research (well, a little...), I've got a Pinterest Board specifically for the story, all my characters are developing nice personalities and bugging me continually, and really it's so perfect...

But I realized I've forgotten something. Something big.


I suddenly have a lot of respect for myself and other writers who have stuck through to the end of a story. Starting a new story, one that you intend to finish especially, is so hard. I imagine it could be compared to having a baby.

They're so much fun and they're so cute and they laugh and coo and oh! you could just eat them right up. But then there's the part where they keep you up all night, cry for no reason, have unspeakably nasty diapers, spit up all over your  nicest clothes and you end up crying right along with them.

Yep. Now I love human babies and I love story babies but this is just the plain honest truth. They. Are. Work. 

Everybody talks about how fun a new idea is and oh boy it totally is, don't get me wrong. (I'm inventing my own genre of fantastical steampunk you guys.... Sooooo much fun!!) But it takes work if you want it right. I know this is a first draft and I'm allowed to play and created large gaping plot holes in awkward places and kill characters for no reason *guilty smile* but I do want it to be a somewhat cohesive story. I just have to buckle down and write it.

I haven't done this whole write a book after literally two months of idea spinning in a long time. The other manuscripts have years of planning behind them. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not. Maybe no plan is better. Either way... Juno is hard right now. O.o

Okay, I'm done ranting. How is JuNoWriMo for everyone else who is joining the fun? :)

Mucho Amor,

Kenzie <3

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