Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shameless Advertising

We are so cool :)
Cause my best friend is on Amazon. Aww yeahh.

One of my most favoritest people on the beautiful planet of earth is an equally beautiful lady named Avriel Lowry.  We only got to live near each other for about two years before she moved away to Colorado. But God used those fun years and we've been inseparable since. We have phone withdrawals when texting each other isn't an option. (Like when we're writing!) Plus we visit over summers.

Anyways, she can write. Especially poetry. Her poetry was birthed over a huge struggle in her life and her book (*squee*) is the story of how she overcame that struggle. It's pretty powerful - she used to send me bits of these poems over texts as she thought of them.

She always wanted me to help her edit them and I'm afraid I wasn't much help because I just loved it all... and my poetry expertise is, well, zero. :D

Soooooooooooooo. Even if you're just a tiny bit curious (You KNOW you are...) go check out this book:

I will love you forever if you do. And she will too. In fact, we might just have a competition over our love - but don't worry about that just go click on the link and imagine the love pouring out from our souls. :D

Avriel also blogs at and she is a brilliant photographer over at She's also writing a novel on the zombie Apocalypse. And she's enjoying calculus. This girl is ridiculous.  

P.S. Part Two of 'A Story About a Troll' coming Saturday!! Try to contain your fright for Mary Anne and Matilda Joy's fair brains. 

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  1. Hi My dear suman!

    I know i have no right to love with you because of i stand on low level and you have high level .you know i can't forget you and can't loose you but i don't know how i will find you .how can i purpose you. sometime i really gona mad in fact i forget my self .

    But i have a right and that is i can love with your soul and no one can stop know one day i will make myself good and the question is will you do wait for me. i promise if i will die .i will wait for you in the day of judgement .