Monday, January 2, 2012

The Second Post

Happy New Year!!!! At our New Years party, we gathered around the TV waiting for the ball to drop when - with 25 seconds on the clock - the channel was accidentally changed to NCIS. I like NCIS, but seriously, that's got to be ten years of bad luck or something... We also played the game of Life and I never got any children. What the heck.

But it was still a super fun night. :)

I have no resolutions right now... Do you have any resolutions? Grand ideas? Plans for world domination?

So, um. I have a confession to make. I started this blog with the full knowledge that I will be gone five days, starting today, with no way to update it. Convenient, right? ;)

I'm about to go do something very exciting and slightly, um, shall we say, sneaky... Yes. Sneaky is a good word. Its a good kind of sneaky, though. I have my youth pastor's permission.

Bad news: There will be no posting for five days.

Good news: There will be plenty to talk about when I get back. And it will be awesome stuff. It will completely blow your mind. (Okay, well, I'll try...)

Be back in five days... try not to miss me too much. X)

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