Saturday, January 7, 2012


My lovely best friend got me following a cool blog called Gypsy Mama. She does this one word-writing-prompt-awesome thing called Five Minute Fridays.

This is my first one and I have nooooo clue what I'm doing but this is what I wrote. I linked after this post. I loved the last paragraph especially. The last sentence of that paragraph was the very best part. :)

Here is mine. Enjoy. Heh.

Roaring. The sound of 44000 people in a building crying out. The sound of a thousand emotions building up around you, rising with every second until you have to cry out too. It builds up inside of you until you scream and yell and perhaps cry. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes its just for show, sometimes it just doesn't have a point. But you roar anyway. 

The band starts playing, the drums beat inside your head until they become a part of you and you feel connected to everyone in the building. You want to get it out, release all the pent up beating that's building, rising, screaming inside of you. Finally, it peaks and you let it all loose in one breath. You roar for the greatness of the moment, for the lost, for the enslaved, for the people all around you that you love, even though you don't know who any but 12 of them are. It doesn't matter what they're roaring for. You know, you can feel it in your bones, aching out through your veins, down in your very soul.~

That was my five minute brain dump. Strangely inspiring, I must say... Definitely helped me get back into writing. I had no idea what to write about till Hannah told me about this. :)

But hey! I went to Passion 2012!!!!! I wasn't technically old enough to go but none of the seniors at my church could go so my youth pastor invited me. :D I spent the first day trying to learn how to act like a college student. You know, that hard-face-like-you've-had-your-heart-broken-three-times-in-the-last-year-and-you-hate-the-world-and-if-you-look-at-me-funny-I-will-kill-you kind of look.

Yeah. That worked real well when the lady at the bag checking line made me through all my food away. I'm still bitter about those two granola bars...

But nobody arrested me so it was all good. It was a great conference. I got a total (Pay attention - TOTAL) of 12 hours of sleep, including naps. My favorite speakers were John Piper and Francis Chan. The very best part was the Hillsong United concert on Tuesday night. Wow.

It was also REALLY loud, which is what I was thinking about as I did my Five Minute Friday.

Passion 2012 - Courtesy of
I'll blog more about it later maybe... I'm still gathering all my thoughts. :) Hope you guys are having a fantastic year so far...


  1. That sounds like a wonderful experience, even if you weren't technically old enough. You can't be too young to worship.

    You really are a fabulous writer. But remember, blogging isn't about being a fantastic writer. It's also about showing your heart to the world, and you do a great job at that too. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement!!! That really meant a lot. :)