Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Stole My Star.

A couple weeks ago, whilst dutifully paying attention to a lecture about the Wild, Wild West, I had a vision. Somewhere among the British/Cowboy/Fantasy part of my brain I conjured up an image of a Duchess, swathed in a black veil, riding in a magical stagecoach. She was looking for passage across the West. She was mysterious and magical.

I immediately knew she had a story. She's been pulling my through all sorts of plots twists: airships, samurai, troubled relationships, cowboys and a strange, steampunk version of manifest destiny. She'd wink her dark brown eye, smile with a hint of a dimple and then mysteriously disappear.

She has politely refused all inquiries to her name, has stated to particular purpose or hobbies and has given no references of good character.


I blame Coldplay entirely.

I was taking a shower, minding my own business, when this song came on. The Duchess suddenly decided to reveal her life-anthem-theme-song-soundtrack-thing to me. I have no idea how exactly this fits into her story - but it does. The phrase 'you stole my star' is especially Duchess-y. I just have to figure out how.

You probably think I'm insane. I'm not... some of my characters are though. Several of them are, actually... I digress.

But seriously, does this ever happen to anyone else? Do characters bother you and send you theme songs, annoy you with half-way details of their past and generally abuse your brain?

Mine do. :/

P.S. What do you think of the new look?!?! I needed a good excuse to post something on this beauty.. although I really was quite perturbed. ;) Thank you Hannah for designing this for me! xoxox


  1. The new look is lovely! I love the fonts. :-)

  2. Thanks. :) I love them too!!

  3. Yes, totally stoked about the new blog look!

    Aaaaaand if I had read your blog post last night when you posted it, instead of now, I would have *immediately* known what you meant by "The Duchess" when you mentioned it at school today. Only now I have the full scoop, mwahahaha.

    And yes, I *totally* understand about uncooperative characters. I'm burdened with a few of them myself....OK maybe more than a few....

  4. I love the new look. And I look forward to hearing more about the star-stealing Duchess! Sounds very steam-punk. :-)

    1. YAY! I can't wait when I find out more about the star-stealing Duchess. ;)