Saturday, March 3, 2012

FSF: Enchanted

There was a strange tapping noise coming from my bedroom and I paused at the door, deciding immediately it was too big to be Ferdinand.

The thought of Ferdinand made my stomach twist with guilt but I told myself I had to find out what was making that awful noise before I made that dreaded phone call.

I slipped the door open wide enough for one eye to peek through and found two horrors reflected upon my retinas.

The first was the little green imp covered in lavender paint sitting on my floor; the second was that in his hands was my favorite hammer and he was capably nailing lavender painted nails into my varnished wood floors.

"Boo," he said, a little green tongue dancing between pointed teeth as he blew something shiny into my face, knocking me to the floor and the only thing I could remember was: I really do need to call Prince Philip and explain everything before they call off our engagement...

So. I had this dream last night about a girl who was supposed to marry a Prince but she felt he would be jealous because she loved her cats as much, maybe more, than she loved him. So she ran away and started running into all these other princesses that were running away - as well as a friendly panther and a crazy cowboy scientist and one princess who had at least 20 children.

Anyway. It would make a good story. :)


  1. LOL! Are you sure you don't want to pursue *this* as your alternate WIP? I see the potential for some serious urban-fantasy/whimsy here....

    At any rate, I love this! Bright and original, as usual. :)

  2. PS Don't forget to link this to Lillie's FSF blog page! Others need to read this, too...

    1. Oh yes! THank you for the reminder. :)

      Bahaha... I'm seriously considering it now... that would bring me up to 3 WIP. Oh my. O.o