Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Monday

I haven't posted for a week so I sat down today to write a blog post and... nothing came out of my fingers. Or my brain. Or my subconscious. Or my ears.

This is a problem.

I could tell you how I'm sitting here, aimlessly looking out the window, watching the wonderful sunshine trying to break through an oppressive set of clouds.

I could tell you about how I survived four days without my mother, taking care of the tres hermanos and my dad. We had some issues with olive oil spilling into the bottom of the oven (I told them to wrap the potatoes twice!!) and consequently filling the entire kitchen with a lovely amount of smoke which contaminated a lot of food which I shall not tell you about.

I could tell you that I went to a Super Bowl party and watched about 20 minutes (maybe...) of the game, which was quite fine with me. I also ate too much food at said party. I successfully avoided watching the half-time show; also quite all right with me.

I could tell you how little inspiration I have for the Five Sentence Fiction this week. We've been having wonderful warm weather the past few days and I was ready for sunscreen and swimming pools and humidity so I walked outside and - Oh wait, it's February...

I could tell you that I just forgot how to spell February.

I could tell you that I just learned that Andrew Jackson was a redhead and I suddenly feel a much stronger connection with him. I have to make a speech about him so I felt that the feeling of connection was the first step to understanding him.

I could tell you that I've failed at writing for a week or two, except for Saturday when I started a short story that has to do with Novelists and vacations and shower-heads but I haven't finished it yet so I won't tell you anything about it.

I could tell you that I've watched this trailer innumerable times since it was released. I haven't seen it today though.

I could also tell you about how hard I thought writing a blog post was going to be today. This one took maybe half an hour and I feel pretty brain dead now but... At least I don't look like this guy. :)

At least... not yet.

I could tell you some other things but I think I should stop. This picture makes me want to be productive. Ha. 

Hope you are having a much more inspired, warm, and unprocrastional Monday than I am!! :) 

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