Monday, April 9, 2012

There Are Thirty!!!

Oh. My. Goodness.

You have no idea how excited I've been about reaching this number. I don't know why. Thirty is usually a really bad thing, right? I think my aunt sent my mother funeral flowers when she turned thirty...

But this is different.

This is thirty people. Thirty PEOPLE! Thirty PEOPLE that clicked that little button that said, "Hey, I really want to get notifications every time you post anything because I think you're just that awesome."

Well, something like that. I'm not that awesome but in case you weren't aware...

You are one of the coolest people ever. You are a super hero. You deserve a giant bowl of icecream that will not cause any weight-gain sprinkled with the most beautiful colored sprinkles and doused in chocolate syrup. With a healthy dollop of whipped cream, of course.

Kind of like this. ;)
Sadly, I am not able to give this to you in person today. You might be a little creeped out if I stalked you down just for a bowl of icecream. But you do deserve it because you have been so encouraging and fun and even those of you that have never commented or talked to me on twitter - just that one little button click made. my. day. Seriously. I freak out every time. :)

But if you want to say Hi, please do so in the comments. Or wave at me on Twitter! I would love to know more about my super heroes. :)


Speaking of exciting numbers, a couple days ago I was tagged in a fun contest by Miss Angela Goff that involves lots of beautiful sevens!! Here's how it works: 

     1.  Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.
     2.  Go to line 7.
     3.  Copy down the next seven lines/sentences as they are - no cheating.
     4.  Tag seven other authors.

*throws confetti* 

I'm in a messy, in-between state as I'm in the process of combining two manuscripts but they aren't combined yet so... I just picked one and went with it. Here are 7 sentences of Page 7, Line 7 from The Rogue Princess. Let me know what you think. :) 


“What message? Where is Shadow?”
                “Shadow has been requested to assist the king on a military endeavor. We expect them back soon; they left last night before supper,” the elderly Lord had a sprightly walk for such an age. Bria hurried to keep up.
                “So the Rebels have declared war already?”
                He nodded gravely. Bria felt sick to her stomach.

All right. Now for the tagging. Hmmm. 

1) Mary Benefield @JustPlainMary_
2) Lisa Shambrook @LastKrystallos
3) Lillie McFerrin @LillieMcFerrin
4)J. Whitworth Hazzard@zombiemechanics
5)Erin Ashby@spoonflipper
7)Melanie Cole@MelanieKCole

This people are all awesome and you should follow them and look at their blogs and shtuff. I can't wait to see what they come up with!!!


  1. Intriguing excerpt! I looooooooove Shadow.... (and poor Bria!)

    Brilliant selection of bloggers, too.

    And the ice cream sundae in your picture? I'd like ten of those, thanks. Delivered to my house. Pronto.

    1. PS ---- CONGRATS on so many followers!! I think when you get to 50 you should have a blog contest. :D

    2. Bahaha, i'll see what I can do!

      And thank you! that sounds like soooo much fun. I will definitely do that. :) *eepsoexcited*

  2. Thanks for the tag McKenzie. I guess I better go count some lines and pages. :) Congrats on getting to 30. I agree with Angela. When you hit your next milestone, host your own writing contest!

    1. oh yes! Find your lucky seven! :)

      Thank you! I think I will, that just sounds delightful.

  3. Ha ha, anyone can stalk me if they come armed with a bowl of ice-cream like that! It's a pleasure to read your posts, and thanks for the tag!

  4. And, your sentences deserve their own reply...I love your writing, you do quirky so well! Look forward to reading a full book of yours!

    1. Aww! Thank you! I've never thought of myself as quirky, but that made my day. :)

      If I ever get over to Europe I will definitely hunt you down. ;)